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For those still waiting to exhale, Soulmate is a gripping cinematic journey into the realities facing today’s successful, saved, and single African American women.  This deeply personal portrait reveals the trials, and triumphs of unforgettable women while offering hope and practical advice on such issues as loneliness, the desire for sexual intimacy, men on the “down low”, the ticking biological clock and the uncertainty of the future.  This film offers uplifting revelations about the quest for your true… “Soulmate.”



Best Feature Film – African American Women In Cinema
Audience Choice – African American Women In Cinema
Best Documentary – Hollywood Black Film Festival
Best Documentary - San Francisco Christian Film Festival WYSIWYG
Best Documentary Sweet Auburn International Film Festival
Best Documentary – International Black Film Festival of Nashville
Best Documentary – Urban Vestige Film Festival

SOULMATE has ignited a grass roots movement across the country as home and church screenings are serving as an intimate platform for much needed discussion between the sexes. This is especially critical as The New York Times reported that as many as 70% of Black women are not married and 42.3% have never been married.


There’s a phenomenon going on in this country. Black women are not getting married in record numbers and nobody is talking about it. My hope and prayer, is that ‘Soulmate’ will serve as a change agent in the lives of those who see it. I hope the testimonies of women in this film will inspire people to examine their spiritual lives and move beyond the traps that singleness sometimes creates for those who wish to be married.” – Andrea Wiley, Director, SOULMATE


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Soulmate has a NEW LOOK!
Jet Magazine features
Women of "Soulmate"

Jet Magazine

by Margena Christian

Wanda Hadley was 40 when she married her husband, Daryl, and she was 41 when she had their first daughter and 42 when she had another. The couple has been married for 12 years. By today’s standards, Wanda is a rare breed. That’s because statistics show that 70 percent of Black women are unmarried and 34 percent of Black women have never married by 40, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. (to: read entire article, click here)



Jay ClaytonAfter receiving the DVD, I invited four of my closest, single, African- American male friends over to watch the movie. The purpose of having a “men’s only” screening was so that we could talk uncensored and unfiltered about the different movie topics. All five of us guys beforehand were very skeptical of the movie. We assumed that the slant of the documentary would be that of another “Waiting To Exhale” movie in which Black women vilify Black men and blame them for their personal relationship struggles and woes. Well, we were wrong! Let me emphasize that again! For any men reading this, we were wrong; purchase the DVD today! (to read the entire article, Click Here! )


January 16, 2007
51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse By SAM ROBERTS

For what experts say is probably the first time, more American women are living without a husband than with one, according to a New York Times analysis of census results. In 2005, 51 percent of women said they were living without a spouse, up from 35 percent in 1950 and 49 percent in 2000. Coupled with the fact that in 2005 married couples became a minority of all American households for the first time, the trend could ultimately shape social and workplace policies, including the ways government and employers distribute benefits. Several factors are driving the statistical shift. At one end of the age spectrum, women are marrying later or living with unmarried partners more often and for longer periods. At the other end, women are living longer as widows and, after a divorce, are more likely than men to delay remarriage, sometimes delighting in their newfound freedom. In addition, marriage rates among black women remain low. Only about 30 percent of black women are living with a spouse, according to the Census Bureau, compared with about 49 percent of Hispanic women, 55 percent of non-Hispanic white women and more than 60 percent of Asian women.

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